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Romance in France

The most romantic view for me was this one. It kinda looks like Venice, but it is in Annecy (France). Not even expensive to eat next to the water, which is amazing! 💕


Making love in Italy

Acting like Romeo and Julliet, kissing under balconies, walking the pretty streets of Verona and eating pizza and drinking wine like an Italian! You should definately put Verona on your vacation list, but to go to for just a couple days because it isn’t a very big city. I had an amazing time there, like I have in every city in Italy 

Missing India

Where my heart will always be, the most beautiful country in the entire world, with the most beautiful people ❤ I will visit the lovely India soon (hopefully)! But then maybe going to Delhi instead of Mumbai. Never seen that part of  India 🙂

Yves Rocher 

For me, this is one of the best relaxing soaps ever made. (By Yves Rocher). The almond used for it makes your skin so smooth and healthy looking. It smells very good as well!

Prümtal, Bitburg – Germany

Camping view of the Prümtal camping with a beautiful river (the ‘Prümm’) and lots of sport activities. Near the city ‘Bitburg’, known for its bitburger beer! 🍺

Njivice seaside – Croatia

Some pictures of the town Njivice on the island Krk itself coming soon! The blue sea of Croatia is always nice to swim in, it’s pretty warm and so clean. Nice to watch the fishies as well and also great to sail 🙂

Vianden – Luxembourg

We took a Daytrip to Vianden when we were on vacation in Bitburg (Germany). This is a town build on a mountain near a castle. The town itself is not so big but it has many restaurants next to a river. Put it on your daytrip-list 😉

Best Day

I want to show you guys the best moment of my life, during my trip to Annecy. I wish I could do this all over again 

Gent – Belgium

For me, the most beautiful city in Belgium is Gent. There is a lot to see in Gent, like the Belfort and the musea. Went there on a citytrip, in november, and still had nice weather!

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