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Antwerp – Belgium

Antwerp, de city in Belgium with the biggest harbor (and one of the most important in Europe). This city is also known for its extremely long shopping street ‘de Meir’ and its beautiful railway station. I like to go to the squares and to the river ‘de Schelde’ there. Luckily there are also many restaurants and bars to go to after the long citywalks.


Amsterdam – Netherlands

A few days ago I visited my friend Eva, who is on Erasmus in Amsterdam, with some other friends. Sadly the weather was pretty bad but despite that, I enjoyed this city very much! We didn’t go to one of the many coffee shops, but saw some other amazing placed and had some delicious pizza’s!



Beautiful view in Verona Italy


Had the best skitrip ever in Ratschings a few weeks ago. Great après ski, good drinks, the best friends and perfect snow! 

Plitvice Lakes – Croatia


The plitvice lakes, in the Plitvicka national park. The waters are extremely blue with lots of fishes and waterfalls. We took the 5 hour walk, which started with a train going up the mountain. We had to walk our way down on wooden paths, next to and over the lakes. Even the pictures can’t discribe how pretty it actually was there!

Romance in France

The most romantic view for me was this one. It kinda looks like Venice, but it is in Annecy (France). Not even expensive to eat next to the water, which is amazing! 💕

Making love in Italy

Acting like Romeo and Julliet, kissing under balconies, walking the pretty streets of Verona and eating pizza and drinking wine like an Italian! You should definately put Verona on your vacation list, but to go to for just a couple days because it isn’t a very big city. I had an amazing time there, like I have in every city in Italy 

Missing India

Where my heart will always be, the most beautiful country in the entire world, with the most beautiful people ❤ I will visit the lovely India soon (hopefully)! But then maybe going to Delhi instead of Mumbai. Never seen that part of  India 🙂

Prümtal, Bitburg – Germany

Camping view of the Prümtal camping with a beautiful river (the ‘Prümm’) and lots of sport activities. Near the city ‘Bitburg’, known for its bitburger beer! 🍺

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