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Lott’s of coffee

Found the best coffee & milkshakes (freakshakes) in a town close to my home: ‘Herentals’. They have this amazing big drinks with probably like 2 million calories. But who cares when it’s cheatday and if they are so delicious! You can even make your own topic combo. They have healty juice and tea’s as well by the way 😉 


Healthy breakfast, healthy life

I believe that being healthy, losing weight,… really starts with your breakfast. So first, eating breakfast. Second, eating a healthy breakfast. 

This is mine: berries (blueberries, raspberries,…), yoghurt, granola/muesli.

You should definately try it, because it’s also delicious!

Tomorrowland 2016

If you once get the chance to go to Tomorrowland in Belgium, take it with both hands! It is like living in a fairytale, I can’t even explain how beautiful it looks there. I don’t really like the music there but I would definately go back just for these amazing things and stages with so many details you see there!

This is a photo from the main stage of 2016!

Bracelet and dress from India

So, I’ve got two presents from my indian hostfamily! A lovely dress, which is very light and thin, so it’s great for the summer. And this pretty bracelet 🙂 totally love it


This is a picture of the University library in Leuven. It is the city where I study Communication Science and also the city where I live during the week. It is a place full of students, parties and libraries. The city centre is nog so big which makes it a very lovely place for small walks and shopping trips. 

Coffee college

So, one of my rituals when going to school in the morning is to get some coffee. One of my favorite coffee bars is ‘coffee college’. My favourite one is the ‘nerd’ with white chocolate. I study in Leuven and luckily we have some amazing coffee bars here!

Look at their cups: ‘your cup of happiness’ and that is so true!

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