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Bought these with a discount, they dry superfast and are one-layer-ideal! 


Brush – tangle teaser like

Bought this new brush, it is tangle teaser like, with long and short plastic pins. It makes your hair feel really smooth and is so nice to use!

Yves Rocher 

For me, this is one of the best relaxing soaps ever made. (By Yves Rocher). The almond used for it makes your skin so smooth and healthy looking. It smells very good as well!

Catrice Nailpolish

Because I bite my nails (I know, gross!!), I like to put on nailpolish, because then I don’t bite. This one is my favourite one. It is from ‘Catrice Cosmetics’. The colour kind of changes when you turn your fingers, you can see this as well on the photo. I’ll post a photo when I have it on soon!

Mac Lipstick tryout!

Because some bloggers asked me to try out the Mac lipstick and to show what it looks like! I’m already totally on love with this colour. I’m wearing it now for about 6 hours and it is still the same, even with drinking, eating AND kissing! You should definately get yourself this one! 

Colour: Personal Pink (Mac)

Bath tub love

These are some of the soap products I like to use when taking a bath. They smell very good, flower like, and make you body so soft! I got these from the Ici Paris XL shop.

Reine des Merveilles & Yves Rocher

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