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Christmas Skirt

Love this print on my skirt i’m wearing for christmas! It is from Patio Fashion


Handmade skirt

I saw a skirt in a shop a few weeks ago, but it was to big for me and I didn’t really liked the colours either. But I loved the shape! Soooo, my grandmother just made me one, my size and the colours I liked! 

New Years Eve outfit

I bought this outfit today at Patio Fashion. They get their clothes from Milan in Italy and get new pieces every two weeks. I always find exactly what i’m looking for in their shop! Like this skirt and glitter shirt I bought for New Years Eve.

New clothes

So yesterday I went shopping in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Found these 2 awesome clothing pieces in Primark. This is a shop I normally don’t go to, but I’m glad I did for once!


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